The mission of the Greenwise Business program is to educate and encourage local businesses to recycle, reduce waste, and strive to provide a more sustainable future.

The GWB Program

Becoming a Certified GreenWise Business


You are simply committing to help create a more sustainable future through recycling and reducing your business’ waste.


The Pro Recycling Group provides businesses with the resources and support needed to improve recycling programs and reward companies that contribute to the environment. We are committed to helping businesses improve recycling efforts and to reduce waste.

Getting Started

Requirements to become a Certified GreenWise Business:


  • Implements and maintain a recycling program
  • Businesses must recycle on a continuous basis
  • educate your associates about the benefits of recycling.


In doing so, you will receive a “Certified GreenWise Business decal to display at your office, and on your vehicles. This decal is a mark of your commitment and contribution to a better future.

The mission of the ZeroWaste Business program is to partner with local businesses & help reduce their waste-stream to less than 1%

The ZWB Program

Becoming a Certified ZeroWaste Business


You are committing to reduce your business’ waste to lest than 1% by maintaining a recycling program. The Pro Recycling Group has developed the ZeroWaste Business Initiative. We promote clean stream recycling at each of our facilities. We make every effort to help our clients reduce the amount of waste that they actually throw away. We find ways to recycle all sorts of items and materials. We are committed to help businesses reduce their business’ carbon footprint.

Getting Started

Producing zero waste is extremely difficult, however, it’s more practical.


The key to reducing waste is to manage your program properly. Determine what items can be reclaimed from your waste stream, and if the quantities would be worthwhile. Place Recycling Signs to mark designated recycling containers / equipment to promote recycling and ensure uncontaminated products. Find support outside your business to handle your recycling needs.

Ask the Green Team experts about getting a free waste analysis.

Service Area

Pro Recycling Group proudly services companies in a number of different states and a variety of industries. Pro Recycling Group sells, maintains, and services all recycling equipment needed for your company’s custom recycling program.

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The Pro Recycling Group created both the GreenWise Business Program and the ZeroWaste Business Program to help promote the importance of Recycling in big business. Fill out this form and we will have send one of our trained experts to perform a free waste audit at your business location.

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